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Welcome to the new styleDive International
the same favourites plus more.

Our new home page is designed to bring to your attention more of the daily action in the site plus the new navigation allows you to move easily between sections.

Our live news feed brings in diving news from around the world while the sea conditions lets you see exactly the conditions near your favourite dive site.

Thanks for using Dive International, the worlds leading Internet resource for divers.

Offensive and malicious postings

Regrettably we seem to have been experiencing an increase in offensive and malicious postings. Some of these are simply juvenile, others would appear to be malicious or designed to wreck particular pages of the site and prevent legitimate use by serious divers. It has always been our concern to provide a forum where the voice of divers can be heard and we are happy to encourage fair comment about products/services/places that are of benefit to other divers. For this reason it is not our policy to edit or censor submissions. Unfortunately this policy is being abused by a few individuals. We are determined to maintain the quality and integrity of our site content and offensive or malicious material will be removed. Those posting offensive or malicious material should be aware that they are traceable and legally liable for their comments. We are aware of one company that is currently taking legal action against an individual for posting false and libellous comments. While other sites have now restricted access to registered users only, we will continue to operate an open posting policy to all areas of this site but would request that users identify themselves with a return email address so that others may respond to them.

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