Travelling Diver launches new red sea wrecks diving guide with unique NAS endorsement.
5 October Friday, 3:25 PM

Travelling Diver launches new red sea wrecks diving guide – with unique NAS endorsement.

For the first time ever, the Nautical Archaeology Society is officially recommending a diving guide – the newly launched Red Sea Wrecks – Northern Egypt, published by Travelling Diver, for recreational divers.

"We are absolutely delighted to have achieved the first ever official NAS recommendation" says Travelling Diver CEO, Daniel Ronen, "to have a wrecks diving-guide endorsed by one of the world’s leading nautical archaeology organisations is a real achievement and testimony to the lengths we have gone to make a truly exceptional guide. Their testing and evaluation team really saw that". The NAS is deeply involved with all aspects of nautical archaeology and the user-friendly

logbook format and detailed information gives divers to these popular dive sites a chance to understand more of what they are seeing, as well as a memento of the experience without damaging these historical sites. It is hoped that the endorsement will help reach the wider diving population and encourage divers to observe, learn about and possibly even help preserve these relics of the maritime past.

With a one-sheet-per-dive-site logbook format, the guide integrates into a standard 3-hole diving logbook binder and contains detailed maps, routes, history and background information to the included wrecks, as well as space in a clear and easy format for divers to log their dive experiences.

The information in the guide is structured to give the holiday diver the best possible experience of planning, diving and learning about these wrecks. Each site has been carefully researched both for its historical context and background but also as a dive site, and includes specific information about the best dive routes, points of interest and marine life to be found on each wreck.

The guide contains details of the 13 most dived wrecks of the northern Red Sea, including the ever popular Thistlegorm, Carnatic and Dunraven, as well some of the less well known, such as the Gubal barge. Usefully, three reef sites of the Abu Nuhâs wreck graveyard system are also included (totalling 16 sites).

The author of the diving guide, Rik Vercoe, will be signing copies at the NAS stand at the dive show on Sunday 14th of October – it is a day not to be missed!

The retail price is £12.50 and is available direct from the Travelling Diver website (, NAS office, local dive stockists and tour operators.

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