24 July Tuesday, 10:40 AM

    With the Staffordshire Regiment returning to the UK, after their most recent 6 month Operational Tour of Duty in Basra, it was time to wind down; relax and above all “Wash the Sand Off”!

 As part of the regiments Adventure Training, Company Sergeant Major Paul Bennet arranged for 10 members of his division to Learn To Scuba Dive, with the Staffordshire based Scuba + Outdoor Pursuits Centre. After hearing of their plans Scuba + Outdoor Pursuits Centre Managing Director, Mark Turner, said he “was more than happy to help out the returning lads, even if it did mean a pool full of sand”. The Staffs completed their BSAC Ocean Diver Training Programme, over a 5 day period at the Gala Pool right here in Walsall, and were introduced to and perfected all manor of required skills. Their programme covered Equipment Assembly; Water Entry: Mask Removal and Replacement; Regulator Recovery; Buoyancy Practise and Emergency drills, to name but a few. Conducted locally and culminating in two days Open Water Diving at Dosthill Diving Lake in Tamworth , the programme ran superbly.

The "Staffs" (Craig Davidson; Andy Felton; Sam White; Donald Garner; Rob Tagg; Jack Meads; Richard Shaw; Luke Willis; Zac Wilson and Carl Yates) are all local lads, from the Walsall; Aldridge; Burton and Lichfield areas, and without exception were model students throughout, thoroughly enjoying all elements of the Learn To Dive programme. In addition after completing their full BSAC Ocean Diver Training Programme, Co Sgt Major Paul Bennett said “the professionalism and quality of the scuba training offered by the Scuba + Outdoor team was amazing, giving his team everything they needed to learn and relax at the same time”.

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Supplemental:- The Staffordshire Regiment, our own county Infantry Regimant, were formed over 30 years ago right here in Lichfield . Now based in Tidworth, Wiltshire, they are called upon to operate in many varying location around the world.

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