SCUBA + OUTDOOR PURSUITS CENTRE - WWR MAY 2007 Ultimate Shark Diving Safari
23 July Monday, 12:28 PM

We’d heard that the 2006 Scuba + Outdoor ‘Shark Diving Safari’ trip had been excellent, so when Mark said he was going to run it again to the Southern Red Sea for 2007, we couldn’t resist booking – who knows, we may get to see our first shark…..

We all met up at Manchester, with Scuba + Outdoor AI Heather making the introductions and seeing to it that nobody was left out. After the flight to Hurghada and a short transfer to Safaga, we joined our boat for the week, MY Superior, and met up with the team of guides - Jim, Ute and Dion, to headed down to the Southern Red Sea.

The skipper sailed first thing the following morning and, after a quick check dive, set a course for The Brothers, to start our weeks Shark Diving Safari. Our lucky omen was an escort of Rizzos dolphins and so, with the promise of stunning dive sites, dramatic wrecks and maybe a reef shark or two, we eagerly did our checks and headed for the RIBs. We did 5 dives on the Brothers and were not disappointed, the wreck of the Numidia in particular was stunning and there were shark sightings, huge Napoleons, barracuda, tuna and a plethora of reef fish all set to a backdrop of dazzling coral reefs. Can it get better than this?

Well yes, actually it can. Just one word. HAMMERHEADS!!!! The most beautiful, graceful creatures I’ve ever seen (although I didn’t get nose to nose with one as Stuart did…) Daedalus lived up to it’s reputation, with everyone seeing Hammerheads on at least one of their dives, some seeing a large group of them schooling – spectacular! There were also reef sharks, thresher sharks and the occasional erratic diver to marvel at. The Daedalus trip was rounded off with a trip to the lighthouse to buy the obligatory t-shirt and to get a surprise soaking from Dion as he dive bombed the RIB from the top deck of the boat.

For our final day of diving we were given the option of heading to Elphinstone or detouring to Marsa Abu Dabab. As we’d seen more than enough of the Russians for one week (though Glenn had a closer encounter than most - who says the Cold War is over?),  we opted for the detour to see if we could spot Dennis the Dugong and again many of the party were not disappointed, being lucky enough to spend some time with this remarkable animal in spite of him being tailed by his own version of the paparazzi. Huge turtles, guitar sharks as well as a really pretty shallow reef on the return to the boat, made this a truly memorable day and a fitting end to the week.

Lasting memories of the trip are of glorious sunshine, a calm sea, water fights, more water fights, Jurg reserving the sunbeds (or did he, Sam….?), Heather getting the crew hot and bothered with her Egyptian style dancing, John, Sam, John and the rest of the whisky drinking contingent wasting Jim, who clearly hadn’t seen malt for a while. Who could forget Ute’s tuneful wake-up calls and her questionable current checks, and of the many varied and interesting ways of getting into a RIB (although only one diver managed to remove one of the RIB’s handles….) and of the brilliant guides, the excellent Emperor crew and of everyone on the trip who made it such an enjoyable week. Truly unforgettable.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, we will of course be booking back onto one (or more !) of next years Warm Water Rush Trips, just as soon as the details hit!

(Report by guests Mandy and Steve)

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