19 June Tuesday, 2:15 PM

It was a bit of an early start for this Scuba + Outdoor Pursuits Centre "Doing It …" Club Dive, with most of the gang setting off for an early drive down to Babbacome, for their Easter Sunday adventure. With the whole club doing their bit to lift the share price of Red Bull, they made it there fully refreshed and ready for a great days diving.

Once they had negotiated the extremely steep hill and parked up, successfully we’re happy to say, so no new wrecks in Babbacome Bay this time, the dive team were introduced. After rallying in the Babbacome Café and managing to drain them of every drop of Tea & Coffee in the pot, the gang headed out into the morning sunshine to commence our days diving.The brief for this one was a simple one, well once it was established that a UK Reef looks a little different to a Red Sea one. They are of course, non the less impressive, and always have loads of life to match. The Scuba + Outdoor Pursuits Centre dive team advised the "Doing It’ers" that to find the main reef in

Babbacome Bay is simple, because its right in the middle, and only about 5m offshore (a fact that a few didn’t quite grasp !).

With everyone paired up, with their new (or in some cases old) buddies, everyone made their way gracefully into the water, some more dignified than others. Heading out to the reef, although shallow, the amount and types of life around were pleasantly surprising. With Dogfish and Cuttlefish topping the list of more unusual finds, not forgetting the large numbers of crabs.

Of course, we are duty bound to mention a few of the merry band, that slightly miscalculated the 5m or so to the reef, and ended up heading off for some fresh Brie, and Duty Free – Oooops ! In the spirit of all good tales, we will of course withhold the names of the guilty, to protect their blushes.

After yet more gallons of refreshing Tea and Coffee from the Café, and a large selction of Burgers, Chips and Butties (Oooo aren’t they a healthy bunch !), it was time to head back in. This time all the "Doing It’ers" managed to find the illustrious
Babacome Bay Reef, and enjoy another great sub-aqua dive.

Of course as with all Scuba + Outdoor "Doing It …" club dive events the diving wasn't the only thing going on. The good weather made this a great chance to catch up with old friends and also to make new ones. So at the end of a great day the kit was packed away, the van was reloaded, and we didn't even have to push it back up that hill. The moral of the story "it doesn’t have to be deep, to be a really great dive" !

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