Quest Underseas Marine Research and Conservation Projects
15 May Tuesday, 3:02 PM

Quest Underseas provides locally relevant marine research and conservation projects, which involve and support local communities. This is frequently not part of management plans, tourism initiatives or government development strategies- something we aim to change.

We believe firmly that for conservation measures to work, the local community must be involved, and benefit directly or indirectly from the conservation of their marine resources. Tourist operations (especially dive operations) involve huge set-up costs and in developing countries are hence frequently foreign owned and operated, ignoring the needs of local fishermen and community members.

Quest Underseas provide baseline data on the conservation value of particular areas and including local institutions, local government and community members / fishing cooperatives, much more can be achieved and a more equitable outcome, benefiting all resource users, is possible. Through capacity building, an investment in our charitable trust fund, providing training to local counterparts and aiming to disseminate information frequently, we can conserve some of the world's most incredible natural wonders for local people and marine-life alike.

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