26 March Monday, 3:53 PM

As the "Free Air" promotion was so popular through last year, we've decided to keep it in place again for 2007. So don't panic, your loose change is safe from us again for another year. However what we have done is created our unique "Air 4 Air" campaign.

It is especially designed to help out one of the most appropriate local charities for divers (that we all hope never to need) the County Air Ambulance. Thankfully, diving incidents are rare, but when they do occur, one thing is critical to the outcome - time! Offshore, we all dive safe in the knowledge that, when called upon, the RNLI or Air-Sea Rescue will make that vital boat-to-EMS journey as safe and as speedy as possible. But what about inland? With diver numbers swelling, the use of inland lakes and quarries for recreational and training dives means that hundreds of us are putting our lives in the hands of another vital service - the County Air Ambulance.

Once again, our safety is funded by the public purse and is absolutely free when called upon ! So for 2007, our "Air 4 Air" campaign is giving you the chance to give a little something back. It is by no way compulsory, and we have now happily pumped free air for three years, and are more than happy to do so for another year. All we are suggesting is that next time you collect your free air, why not have a quick rummage in your pocket and drop your loose change into the "Air 4 Air" collection box.

If nothing else, think about the great "karma" you are securing, for the price of a free airfill !


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