23 March Friday, 2:24 PM

The Ordnance Survey Outdoor Show 2007, was held over the weekend of 16th – 18th March this year, and of course in true Scuba + Outdoor Pursuits Centre fashion we were there in a VERY BIG way.

It was always going to be a tall order, with the Outdoor Show following on the weekend immediately after the London Dive Show, especially with us running three separate stand areas, but thanks to a superb effort from the Scuba + Outdoor Pursuits Training and Retail teams we managed it effortlessly. This year to make sure we well and truly stamped our mark on the Outdoor Show event, we not only had our main Retail Stand and separate Learn to Dive booth, but best of all we once again had our incredibly popular Try Dive pool.

After a busy build up on the Thursday, and more than a little Scuba + Outdoor Pursuits Centre banner hanging, we were ready to go. Infact the PADI Village had become more of a Scuba + Outdoor Village, with Blue and Orange as far as the eye could see (he he he).

So on with the weekend, and no matter how much the team were briefed to expect a litteral deluge of fresh faced Discover Scuba wanabees, they could never have expected it to be as busy as it was. Our Scuba + Outdoor Pursuits Training Team actually managed to introduce no less than 180 new folks to the amazing sights and sounds of the underwater world. So well done to you all, and we hope you enjoyed your PADI Discover Scuba Dive experience. Judging by the smiles on the way out, we are guessing you did. Of course no one actually managed to beat the rather large smile on Assistant Instructor Matt’s face when the "Ibiza Angels Massage Girls" rolled up at the end of the day Sunday to take a dip with him (yes Matt, they really did come over just because they wanted to get wet with you – honestly !).

Over the weekend we also played host to some real superstars, most notably Charles Hood. In conjunction with Dive Magazine, Charles was completing full Digital Underwater Photography workshops every day during the show. These again proved very popular, with yet more smiling faces making their way out of the pool (of course with perfectly taken photos to prove it).

We of course had our usual busy weekend on both our main Retail stand and new Learn To Dive booth, with great deals available on both. In the spirit of "being really nice" (as always of course) we ran free competitions on both stands. The winners were both fairly local right here in the Midlands, with Francine Billington taking away a brand new Oceanic Regulator, and Sue McGowran jumping right into the sport with a free PADI Open Water Diver programme.

Of course how better to wrap up a great weekend than to drink Dive Magazines free beer, whilst sticking rude notes on each others backs. This did however result in two rapid learning curves for at least two of the team. Firstly Dave S learnt that if Ade pats you on the back, you really do have to have a good look around to see what public information notice he has just adherded to you. Whilst secondly Dave C learned that there is no better outfit in the world to go out on the pull in a bar in, mmmm nice six pack Dave.

So all in all a pretty successful weekend for all involved, so a BIG Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello !


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