Brand New Places 2 Dive
20 February Tuesday, 4:58 PM

Our brand new 'Places 2 Dive' section, has now been launched, it contains indepth information about diving locations all over the world and is constantly been updated which means we will be adding more and more destinations in the near future. The current Places 2 Dive areas that we service are: Florida , Cuba , Turks and Caicos , Turneffe Island , Cayman Island , Honduras and the Bay Islands , Mexico , Costa Rica , Venezuela , Red Sea , Cyprus , Canary Islands , Croatia , Gozo , Malta , Oman , Spain , France , Gibraltar , Maldives , Bali , South Africa ...

Places 2 Dive will provide you with fantastic advice about the diving sites and there locations, maps, accommodation, liveaboards, tour operators, dive centres and general tourist information on the worlds’ most popular scuba locations.

The Places 2 Dive section also provides some detailed articles about dive locations, as well as giving the users the ability to post their own comments and thoughts on the specific diving areas. Users can also send any photographs or reports to
UK Diving we will proudly display them in the articles section on Places 2 Dive and give you the recognition.

If you are looking to book your diving holiday please take a look at all our Places 2 Dive sections to help you decide on your next diving adventure.

You can find all the Places 2 Dive locations listed on the homepage of both
UK Diving and Dive International.

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