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Nitrox diving is getting more and more popular among divers. For some the extended bottom times using Nitrox tables or Nitrox dive computers are an important factor, but most people get a Nitrox certification for the extra safety aspects of Nitrox scuba diving. If the safety issue is your main reason for diving with Nitrox, you don’t need a Nitrox dive computer, even the Nitrox dive tables are not necessary. Just dive Nitrox on air tables with the maximum depth that goes with your specific Nitrox mix.


What is Nitrox? You will probably know that air contains about 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% residual gasses. The more advanced Nitrox readers will know that the nitrogen component causes the decompression problems. Under the pressure of the water column above you nitrogen builds up in your tissues and may turn into tiny bubbles when you ascend. No wonder some smart guy tried replacing part of the nitrogen with oxygen and guess what… the nitrogen build-up diminished. Nowadays, after more than 50 years of experience, we call any air mix with more than 21% (up to 40%) oxygen “Enriched Air Nitrox”.


Less Nitrogen build-up means less chance of decompression problems. Using your air table on an average dive, 45 min. to 18m, you will find yourself ending up in pressure group S. When you use the Nitrox table for Nitrox 36 (36% oxygen, 63% nitrogen), you end up in pressure group K. A lot less nitrogen build-up! It will give you 16 minutes more bottom time to reach pressure group R. Now you can see the trade-off between extra safety and extra bottom time. When you dive Nitrox on air tables, less nitrogen build-up equals extra safety. When you use Nitrox tables you can trade in the extra safety for extra bottom time and end up in the same pressure group.


The oxygen component affects your safe depths in Nitrox diving. When diving with air, the nitrogen component gets tricky (nitrogen narcosis) 30 meters. The oxygen component in air does not limit your maximum diving depth of 40m. When you increase the oxygen percentage your maximum safe depth may be determined by the oxygen component. When you use the DSAT Equivalent Air Depth Tables, you don’t need a Nitrox calculator to know that the popular Nitrox Tables 32 limits the maximum safe diving depth to 33m. Also popular Nitrox Tables 36 limits your safe depth to 28m. Exceeding the oxygen limits is far more hazardous than exceeding the nitrogen limits, but for most divers these depth limits are not an issue, they hardly ever go that deep anyway. At many places, in Protaras, Cyprus for instance, the best part of the reef is between 5m and 21-24m, so why go deeper. Going deeper only empties your tank sooner.

Usually Nitrox is more expensive than air, on an average you pay twice as much. When you go to Easy Divers in Protaras you can get your NITROX FREE of charge. To enhance safety in diving, Easy Divers will also let you use a SUUNTO Dive Computers, whether on Dive Trips or Scuba Diving Courses.


Easy Divers is a PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Centre and a BSAC Training Centre. In 2006 we started to talk about our policies. Our FREE NITROX will begin in January 2007. We have already got some favourable comments on the safety for divers and an exceptional amount of votes for our FREE use of dive computers.


High Standards, There is no greater priority than creating safe and responsible new divers. I hope that by setting such presidents, other Diving Centres in Cyprus will follow suit with a temporary offer of Free Nitrox. Please request you’re Free Nitrox and Free SUUNTO Diving Computer with the dive schools you plan your dives. Be a SAFE DIVER!


Nitrox Certified yet? It will not take much of your time to get your first level certification. In a one hour course you learn all you need to know about diving with Nitrox 32.


PADI Nitrox Course is the most outstanding basic level training package with greater value. The PADI Nitrox course consists of two dives and can be spread across two days, with the first day dedicated to academic training, understanding the basics of breathing Oxygen Enriched Air, planning EANx dives and calculating Oxygen exposures. You also learn about analyzing your own mixtures. You also receive a student Crew-Pak, this is included in the course price.


Protaras and Ayia Napa in Cyprus has some of best beaches and diving is very popular because of the excellent shore diving possibilities. Diving can be completed in just a few hours. The average dive site has really easy entry and the reefs and rock formations are spectacular. See large shoals of Banded Bream, Rainbow Wrasse, Barracudas and the odd Turtle. Explore our underwater gardens of Giant Sponges, see large Pinnacles and Caverns. Finding the correct shore dive sites is also really easy. Drop us an Email or call into our dive shop in Protaras and see all our dive sites. We will be happy to discuss where the best places are to dive and snorkel. Easy as it gets!

 We would like you to give us your votes and views. We will add these to our comments page. Easy Divers Cyprus is the only dive centre in Cyprus to offer this unique opportunity to dive with FREE Nitrox and Use Dive Computers. Click Here for your Vote!  

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