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posted : January 27, 2005 Post subject: Submarines around Weymouth
I'm planning a club weekend to dive the submarines around Weymouth (M2, Sidon etc etc) any tips? Max depth based on qualification of divers is 35m

posted : February 26, 2005 Post subject: Submarines around Weymouth
The M2 is very good but can be dark, The local skippers are very good I suggest Breakwater or fathom & Blues

posted : March 2, 2005 Post subject: Submarines around Weymouth
let me know if you dive the sidon.. have been researching it in its anniversary year...

posted : March 11, 2005 Post subject: Submarines around Weymouth

I've organised the same kind of trips. We dive with Breakwater Diving (otherwise known as Dive Dorset), everything is on site. We normally do the M2 (34m) A3 (32m) Sidon (34m) UB74 (34m) P555 (45m) There are good to be honest, some better than others, but the deeper the darker generally. If it sank then it feels like its got a bit of history to it rather than if it was sunk as a target. You'll be right on your limit of diving at 35m but a few warm up dives should help.

Hope that helps


posted : April 24, 2005 Post subject: Submarines around Weymouth
Sidon is a good dive, its about a 35m to sea, top of the wreck sits in around 30m. Its size can be covered in one dive with a touch of decompression. The M2 is larger and may require several dives to explore fully - again similar depth as the Sidon. Have not dived it but ub-74 is interesting in that it is broken open and therefore very different to the intact and upright M2/Sidon.

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