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posted : October 4, 2009 Post subject: New wreck book
Hi Guys,
This is just to let you all know that my new book titled “The Ultimate Shipwreck Guide – Whitby to Berwick” will be on general sale around late October or early November, published by Whittles Publishing.
This manuscript features nearly 300 shipwrecks between Whitby and Berwick and up to 40 miles offshore. However it also covers the mysterious area known as the 'Graveyard', located around thirty miles off the Tyne, where at least twenty-two ships from mainly WWI met their demise. Amongst them is the intact wreck of HMS Cupar, a 710-ton minesweeper sunk in 1919, the British steamer Runo destroyed in 1914, while carrying over 200 Russian reservist troops to Canada. Other wrecks include trawlers, steamers from Britain, Russia, Norway and Sweden and almost all of them lost in the huge minefield laid by SMS Albatross and Stuttgart during the early part of WWI; these wrecks are all lying in depths of 70 to 90m.
Precise H.O. WGS84 DGPS co-ordinates and depths are offered for every wreck, plus a description of the remains for interested divers and anglers. For maritime historians and ship researchers, everything possible is written about the ships, including technical details and their histories, even down to the names of the unfortunate crewmen that drowned. There are quite a number of the Board of Trade Wreck Reports, survivor and witness statements, recounting harrowing and terrifying anecdotes.

The book contains many dozens of excellent photographs, including some rare Dutch and Norwegian ship photos never published before, plus some hard-to-find photos of local ships wrecked off Sunderland, like the Gran, Hebble, Quillota and Balzac.

Even if I say it myself, it is my best book ever.

Cheers Ron Young

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