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John Greenhalgh
posted : February 17, 2009 Post subject: Poldhu Cove Cornwall
I wonder if any divers can help with some information I am interested in.
Years ago I used to live near Poldhu Cove, Cornwall UK, and when the tide was at an extreme.low, found remnants of wreckage on the left side, looking out to sea.(walking among the rocks on foot) There also seemed at times to be a smell of stale diesel fuel. The items I found were a small curved piece of steel that resembled the support skeg for a prop shaft. The other item was more interesting, and stayed with me until it disappeared when I came to Canada. It was a cast plate made of bronze, about a foot long, with two parallel sides about 5 or 6 inches apart, and rounded ends. There were two holes total, one at each of the rounded ends, I believe they were countersunk for screws, holes were, as I remember, about half inch diameter or maybe slightly smaller, and were located about an inch in from the ends. It was obviously a stepping plate that might have been attached to a boat or ships rail, as there was a diagonal cross-hatch pattern on the centre section where the straight sides were.
I have for years wondered about that wreckage, and whether it was a known wreck, or maybe part of a missing fishing boat or something. There were also old style UK pennies out there trapped in among the rocks. This was around the mid 1970's. The skeg support part seemed too small to go with the other part, as far as I remember, it was only about maybe 5 inches overall, and had signs of the part where a bearing might have been housed, this being at one end. The curve in it was maybe a 9 inch radius. So, I would guess at maybe a 20 foot boat for the skeg. The other boat/ship could have been any size over , say, 50 feet, as it would have to have had a rail capping that was wide enough to accommodate the width of the plate. Or it might have come off some steps onboard, or at an entranceway. So there might be two different wrecks there. Or not.
Anyway, I would be interested in any info regarding these, it has been something I should have followed up at the time, but didn't. My question is, are there any records showing that these wreck(s) were known?

posted : February 26, 2010 Post subject: Poldhu Cove Cornwall
Hi, looking for dive partners who wish to be involved in a few treasure shipwreck projects. Write me at :
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posted : June 4, 2010 Post subject: Poldhu Cove Cornwall
The documented wreck of the San Salvador , driven into the cliffs half-way along the north side of Poldhu Cove in 1669, has been found by divers. The site is marked by small iron cannon. Many Spanish silver pieces-of-one real have been found around the shallow rock ledges.

could it be this one, only thing i can find

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