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posted : November 25, 2008 Post subject: Cave Line
Hi peeps,

I've got myself the Halcyon Pathfinder 400 reel. it's got 400 feet of line, 120m-ish.

It comes with standard #22 line.

First question, what does this mean?

Secondly is this appropriate thickness of line for cave diving?

Thirdly, what is a good reliable thickness?


Ciao for now


posted : November 26, 2008 Post subject: Cave Line
#22 refers to the diameter / guage of the line. without googling it, not sure what diameter that actually is....probs about 2mm or so. whether this is sufficient depends on where you're going to use the line and whether gloves are involved. 2mm line is difficult to feel through anything but the thinnest gloves. the usual for the uk is 4mm or 6mm. nylon sinks, whereas polyprope floats so both have their advantages and disadvantages. for use in warmer waters, technical line (2mm nylon) would usually suffice.

i would recommend doing an OE / cavern course as this kind of stuff is covered in the theory aspect.

posted : December 1, 2008 Post subject: Cave Line
I already have OHE training - the technical details of reel line was not covered.

Apprecieated the comments regarding line suggestion - will look into it.



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