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posted : September 9, 2004 Post subject: Cave
Can anybody tell me where i can get tuition in cave diving in the UK, have read the C.D.G. manual about 100 times as i use many of there methods in wreck diving, as good as this group is i feel it is more for cavers than divers

posted : October 9, 2004 Post subject: Cave
martin Robson at the Eau Zone ( is excellent... and he runs courses in both france and florida!

posted : October 25, 2004 Post subject: Cave
cheers for the info zak. ill get in touch asap. i got to the stage where i was ready to give up the idea as no one had answered my query, cheers mate.

posted : October 25, 2004 Post subject: Cave
Where are you situated? As a member of the caving fraternity, I may be able to point you in the right direction.



posted : October 26, 2004 Post subject: Cave
try martin farr in wales

posted : October 26, 2004 Post subject: Cave
go to akumal mexico and see nick toussaint you wont regret it ! (g.u.e)

posted : October 26, 2004 Post subject: Cave
try Scott Anderson @ Aberdeen watersports, great instructor/instructor trainer (TDI)

posted : October 26, 2004 Post subject: Cave
Id say Martin Robson,

Luckily his cave training is far better than his web authoring ;)

Seriously, hes VERY thorough, you know that when you finish the course, you bought training, rather than just a ticket.

Hes based out of Runnymede Dive, but I did my course with him in Florida... much better!

posted : November 27, 2004 Post subject: Cave
Try Martyn Farr ( at Crickhowell in south Wales. I did an excellent course with him. Also Phill Short at Phoenix Oceaneering ( another very experienced instructor and caver. Good luck.

posted : July 31, 2005 Post subject: Cave
Martyn Farr, i did my cave course with him, he's a great instructor and pocesses a wealth of knowledge on cave diving, good luck

posted : August 8, 2005 Post subject: Cave
Nick I’m guessing that you are a non caver? Your motivation for cave diving will in some ways dictates your course of action and weather you are looking to get a TDI or IANTD ‘ticket’ or learn through an ‘apprenticeship’ and become a member of the CDG. I know both Martyn and Phil are they are both very good.;

If you are going to move forward and become a Cave Diver, I would suggest that you find out which is your nearest CDG section and make yourself known to them. As a non caver I would strongly recommend that you start caving as not all sumps are close to the entrance.

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