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posted : June 27, 2006 Post subject: SS Cotovia
Dear Divers!

My name is Auder Lisboa, I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I'm looking for information about a ship called "SS Cotovia".
I am very curious to know details of this ship, like:
This ship was constructed?? What is its history??

I have a "blue print" of this Ship (by inheritance), where it is written:

(right baseboard):
Irvine’s Ship Building and Dry Docks Co. Ltd.
West Hartlepool

(left baseboard):
Nº. 506

(at the top):
General Arrangement
Lenght. B.P. 370’-0”
Breadth Extreme 50’-3”
Depth Moulded 27’-5”

(In the verse):
General Arrangement
Plan: SS.Cotovia
General Arrangement

I put some photos of this blue print at:

I am very grateful for any information! Thank you very much!

Auder Machado Vieira Lisboa
Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

posted : June 28, 2006 Post subject: SS Cotovia

I don't know anythiing about this ship, but a Google hunt threw up this:

Could it be the same ship? The timing is about right.

For the full story you'd probably have to try Lloyd's Register or something.

posted : July 17, 2006 Post subject: SS Cotovia

I found an article on diving the Cotovia - the key bit is as follows

"One month after the sinking of the Tosto the UC-49 was once more active off Orkney, laying a minefield off Kirkwall and claiming the 4020-ton steamship Cotovia along with her cargo of flax. The Cotovia, built at West Hartlepool in 1911, ended her days on 22 July 1917, sinking in 40m of water. And here she lay forgotten until four years ago when she was found accidentally by Mark Halsted, skipper of the dive boat 'Sunrise' while on route to the Northern Isles - even the local fisherman didn't seem to know of the Cotovia. I first dived the wreck three years ago from the 'Jean Elaine' and the visibility was amazing, from 15m down I could see the top of her engine block covered in dead men's fingers. The wreck is flat with her three boilers and engine block standing proud, shell cases were strewn about the stern where the prop shaft ends. This is a big wreck and it will take two or more dives to see it all - a good nitrox dive" The full article is at

I also found the following info about Irvine's who built the Cotovia


posted : September 18, 2014 Post subject: SS Cotovia
Hi, my name is Peter Martinson. I was brought up in a house in the UK called 'Cotovia' named after the ship designed by my grandfather, William Ingram Steele who died in 1947. He was a naval architect from Northumberland. It would be interesting to know how you came to inherit the blueprints as it is definitely the same ship. built by Irvine and co and sunk by a U-boat off the Scottish coast. My e-mail address is '' if you wish to make contact. I have done a lot of research as I am writing a book for my daughter about family history and came across the link to UKdiving and your message. I appreciate that your original message is 2006 but thought there might be a chance of making contact. The house I referred to is in a village on the coast just outside of Bristol.

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