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Dave t
posted : December 8, 2005 Post subject: Mtb in Loch Long?
Whist diving Conger Alley in Loch Long ,Scotland, I met a couple of divers that were just coming out of the water as we were going in. We got chatting for a few minutes and they mentioned that they had dived a wreck on an mtb just off the caravan park at Ardgarten Point.

I was wondering if anyone out there has either dived this wreck or even heard of it. I couldn't find any references to any mtbs other than two american squadrons (ron 32 and ron 35) that were stationed there briefly in authum of '44, on the internet.
Can anyone help? If so could you email me on

Alby Scubakitmarket
posted : December 8, 2005 Post subject: Mtb in Loch Long?
if this is the same one as i dived elaine from clyde diving charters gores to this site often

small boat wooden deck the viz there is normally quite poor silts up easy okay for a dive if you are blown out but i would not go there just to dive this.




Dave t
posted : December 12, 2005 Post subject: Mtb in Loch Long?
Greetings. I think the wreck you are thinking about is in the neighbouring loch Striven. Although I have usually found the vis too be quite good on it (by Clyde standards anyway). I dive this regularly with Elaine and some other friends. Thanks for the info though.
So if any one has any info on the Loch Long mtb wreck would be great to hear from you. :-)

john nicolson
posted : May 1, 2006 Post subject: Mtb in Loch Long?
I have never heard of a wrecked mtb in loch long
only a small yaucht at the torpedo base.

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