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Posted : May 6, 2010
how to prevent getting water in the ears
Would it be ok if i use an ear plugg while diving? I am fedup with getting water in my middle ear and then wait 2 weeks for it to get better.
Posted : May 10, 2010
Thanks for the query.

You can use vented earplugs for diving but from what you're saying, there is something a bit odd going on here. No water should be entering your middle ear, nor should it take 2 weeks for your symptoms to clear. I suspect there may be some barotrauma occurring here, so it would probably be best to get your ears checked out by someone with some diving medicine knowledge if this is a recurrent problem.

Regards, Dr O
Answer provided by Dr Oliver Firth
Dr Ollie Firth

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Posted : July 11, 2011 by - Dell
Hi , i have been diving for 10 years using pro ear mask
they have ear cups that go over your ears with tubes conected to the front mask ,to equalize ,you blow into the mask through your nose and it equalizes your ears.
Ive been down 60 mts with them and there great no water atb all gets in your ears,do a search on google for them.dell.
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Posted : July 12, 2011 by - Dr Oliver Firth
Thanks for that Dell. The ProEar mask is indeed used by many divers with ear problems to good effect. There have been some concerns with getting a good ear seal for those with long hair, and also about sudden vertigo should the mask come off underwater. However it is certainly an option worth exploring.

Regards, Dr O
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