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This not an emergency service, in case of a diving incident, please contact your local Coastguard, nearest recompression chamber or emergency services.
All questions are answered by Dr Oliver Firth, one of the doctors at the London Diving Chamber. Dr Firth has had a wide variety of experience as a doctor in both the UK and Australia. He writes regularly for ‘Sport Diver’ Magazine and gives talk on hyperbaric medicine.

Because of the confidential and sensitive nature of advice given in the medical forum, questions DO NOT post direct to the forum page but are sent to the doctor for his comment and reply. Once a reply has been sent, both the question and answer will post to the forum page.

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Question - Hi there, I am about to go on a diving holiday and am a little worried about my left ear. I recently went swimming and when i dived into t ...
3 June Wednesday, 2:14 PM
Question - Hi There, I am about to start working for a dive centre in Honduras for 12 months helping out with there photography/videography. I obviousl ...
3 June Wednesday, 2:10 PM
Question - Hello Dr Firth. I had a subtotal colectomy and ileostomy formation a year ago due to ulcerative colitis. Two months ago I had further surgery to c ...
I use mesalazine suppositries daily (each evening)
11 May Monday, 10:12 AM
Question - Hi, will I be able to continue diving if I opt for spinal facet injections as the long term treatment for lower back pain.
I've had some minor lower back and occasional hip pain for couple of years which is relieved with short sit down, earlier this year I decided to g ...
8 May Friday, 3:45 PM
Question - Hi there, I've just found out that I have a hernia....the groin type. I realize that open water dives will be a no-no (gas expansion,etc) , but wi ...
7 May Thursday, 9:36 AM
Question - After a discussion of my medical history, I was told by a diving instructor a couple of years ago, that I should never dive, but I wasnít told why ...
This is the information I exchanged with the diving instructor: I was born with glue ear, and while itís not as severe in adulthood, itís not ...
27 April Monday, 4:31 PM
Question - Hi. I have had slight noise induced hearing loss for a few years now. I have no problems equalising and no pain but will this loss cause me any pr ...
14 April Tuesday, 3:58 PM
Question - Hi. I have been diving for around 7 years with no problems what so ever. this year I have started having problems whilst descending. I get severe ...
14 April Tuesday, 3:55 PM
Question - hy.dr.Oliver, in details I am talking about DS first type when decompression chamber is not available .Egsist some models recompression treatme ...
3 April Friday, 4:44 PM
Question - hy, doc. what is your opinion about underwater recompression terapy in ,,bands,,? thank you. doc.G.
2 April Thursday, 10:45 AM
Question - Hi Doc, In 1983 I was in the army taking a class 3 diving course and I suffered a "bend" which left me with aseptic bone necrosis in my left hip ...
30 March Monday, 7:11 PM
Question - hi oliver cant seem to get a answer for this...other that masks with corrective lenses can you wear contacts lenses with a standard mask
30 March Monday, 7:05 PM
Question - Question: My girlfriend had/has "distal colitis". Last she took some hormone treatment. Now she is much better and its almost gone. Still few drop ...
30 March Monday, 7:03 PM
Question - am nearing the end of my rescue diver course. my question is, a diver suffering from DCI, should they be taken first to the nearest hospital for e ...
25 March Wednesday, 9:36 AM
Question - How soon can he return to diving ?
My Husband has recently had a disc decompression (L4/5) and a wallis spacer inserted. He is recovering well. Given no complications how long shoul ...
24 March Tuesday, 9:49 AM
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