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All questions are answered by Dr Oliver Firth, one of the doctors at the London Diving Chamber. Dr Firth has had a wide variety of experience as a doctor in both the UK and Australia. He writes regularly for ‘Sport Diver’ Magazine and gives talk on hyperbaric medicine.

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Question - In 2001 I had a suspected pulmonary embolism after a car accident left me immobile for 2 weeks. I was hospitalized and treated with warfarin. I wo ...
28 October Thursday, 5:09 PM
Question - Hello, I take 7.5mg zopiclone to help me sleep, which I have been taking for some time now. I have just had my DM Medical and the dr has concerns ...
27 October Wednesday, 4:55 PM
Question - Hi I had on operation 6 weeks ago to correct a hiatus hernia (fundoplication) how long before i can resume diving, also are there any restrictions ...
21 October Thursday, 9:16 AM
Question - I keep getting the most vicious cramp in my left calf muscle at the end of a dive - usually when swimming back to the boat. I have tried eating a ...
21 October Thursday, 9:11 AM
Question - Diving after minor surgery to remove sebaceous cyst on the neck - how long do I have to wait?
I am due to have a very minor surgery to remove a sebacious / epidermoid cyst on my neck. It will result in a 1-1.5cm long wound.I am due to hav ...
21 October Thursday, 9:06 AM
Question - Are there any restrictions to diving after artificial disc replacement surgery? I
I had the surgery 5 years ago (ActivL disc at L5/S1) and apart from some occcasional back pain, usually brought on by too little activity rather t ...
23 July Friday, 6:51 PM
Question - Learning to dive - After Spinal Surgery
Hi, About 6.5 years ago I had Spinal Fusion to treat Scoliosis. After about 1-2 years post op my Surgeon lifted all restrictions. He informed ...
19 July Monday, 2:01 PM
Question - Wanting to get my PADI Open Water Cert but have a question about some recent surgary i have had.
Hi There, I have a copy of the PADI medical form and answer no to all the questions, but would like to make sure. Recently i was a victim o ...
9 July Friday, 3:43 PM
Question - Hello. I have just been diagnosed with bronchitis. What are the implications for my diving career and what sort of questions should I be asking my GP
I am a 35 year old male diving instructor. I smoke approx.5-10 cigarettes a day (hopefully now stopping totally) I am generally of good health. I ...
6 July Tuesday, 10:07 AM
Question - How effective is a hyperbaric chamber for the recovery of bone fractures?
This is for an Extended Project Qualification I am doing in school on sports injuries and treatments Thanks
2 July Friday, 3:00 PM
Question - Return to Diving with very mild Asthma is there anything I should be awaer of?
I have not dived for 5 years and would like to do some refresher training on holiday this year. I was/am a PADI rescue diver with 100 logged dives ...
8 June Tuesday, 5:03 PM
Question - My husband has just had surgery for the removal of his stomach due to cancer., After surgery he developed a chest infection which in turn caused a ...
7 June Monday, 4:28 PM
Question - Hi Doc, After having several pieces of shrapnel removed from my brain and some which had to be left in there, and a large titanium plate screwed o ...
27 May Thursday, 4:45 PM
Question - I have been taking citalopram for several months for work rlated stress and anxiety, my gp has changed the medication to Venlafaxine. I am hoping ...
28 April Wednesday, 3:52 PM
Question - Can a carrier with antitrypsin defeciency dive safle o is the depth restricted?
I have never dived this is for my daughter (12 yrs) who wishes to join diving club at local pool. Many thanks
26 April Monday, 1:28 PM
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