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All questions are answered by Dr Oliver Firth, one of the doctors at the London Diving Chamber. Dr Firth has had a wide variety of experience as a doctor in both the UK and Australia. He writes regularly for ‘Sport Diver’ Magazine and gives talk on hyperbaric medicine.

Because of the confidential and sensitive nature of advice given in the medical forum, questions DO NOT post direct to the forum page but are sent to the doctor for his comment and reply. Once a reply has been sent, both the question and answer will post to the forum page.

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Question - My 15 year old daughter is hoping to go on a diving trip with school. She has hayfever and asthma however she only uses her inhalers if she has ha ...
11 December Wednesday, 10:14 PM
Question - Diving with a pacemaker/fitness testing?
Hi, I have a st jude pacemaker depth tested to 60mtrs and my cardiologist said it's fine to dive to this would prefer me to go no deeper than 5 ...
7 December Saturday, 9:02 AM
Question - HI sorry - i'm not sure if i ticked the box before. I am 37 yrs in good health. I am a rescue diver with over 100 dives. We are due to go on holid ...
7 December Saturday, 9:02 AM
Question - I'm trying to persuade a friend of mine to come diving. She's keen but has been told by her Doctor that she can not dive as she has breast implant ...
7 December Saturday, 9:02 AM
Question - Diving with a pacemaker?
Hi, I've been given the all clear from my cariologist and PM maker St Jude, my PM is rated to 60mtrs, but this can affect the way it works in a ...
7 December Saturday, 9:02 AM
Question - I'm off to Murcia, Spain in two weeks. I'm told a 'fit to dive' certificate is mandatory, signed by a doctor. Is my GP qualified to issue this or ...
7 December Saturday, 9:02 AM
Question - if diagnosed, will Menniers disease mean no more diving.
7 December Saturday, 9:02 AM
Question - Advice on dive related labyrinthitis please.
On a recent dive I felt a sharp pain in my ear as I was having trouble equalizing. After a few adjustments all was ok. (I didn't worry about it at ...
7 December Saturday, 9:02 AM
Question - After a dive, water pours from my nose! This can be hours after a dive! Is this normal? I haven't heard of anyone else having the same 'problem'...
7 December Saturday, 9:02 AM
Question - Hi, I am a commercial diver working in the offshore industry. I'm hopeing you can advise me on a problem with my ears/throat?
The problem I have isn't with clearing my ears, but is that I constantly have to clear them. Once I put the Km on it feels like a vacum effect eit ...
23 November Wednesday, 11:29 PM
Question - I have type 2 diabetes (treated with insulin for three years) but with no significant changes over ten years. I had 2x bypass last November and de ...
23 November Wednesday, 9:40 AM
Question - Hi Dr, I had a spontanious pneumothorax (SP) 16 years ago. This was followed by a second SP on the same lung one month later. After the second I u ...
23 November Wednesday, 9:36 AM
Question - How do i as a doc get training+qualified to do recreational and/or diving medicals?
20 October Thursday, 3:18 PM
Question - Hi. I am in instructor, in the last 3yrs my ears have become spongy making equalising a akward sometimes, ie, Cesa, up & down with dsd etc. I th ...
I unfortunately had to force equalise coming headfirst down a swin-thru 2 wks ago. Been out of water for 14 days, on antibotics for 7 days, then ...
31 August Wednesday, 8:18 AM
Question - Can I dive if I have server fatty liver I am male 51 thank you firefox
22 August Monday, 7:28 PM
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