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posted : November 25, 2013 Post subject: cavitcleaner
The world of the nautical, professional and not, is going to be changed and revolutionized!
For the first time at the world has managed to combine the performance of the famous underwater cavitational cleanser CAVITCLEANER, with the requirements and the limits of the normal power to 220 V.
The CAVITCLEANER Easy Energy 220 is ready to be launched on the market, immediately after the official presentation will take place at the International Show of Amsterdam METS ( Marine Equipment Trade Show) in the days 19, 20 e 21 november 2013. Will be revealed all the secrets that make this machine the solver of the long standing problems of any shipowner (a professional or a pleasure boater) .
Never again the captivity of dry docks, the expensive hauling : the revolutionary CAVITCLEANER, with affordable purchase price and small size , it can be stowed in any boat.
The ease of use allows anyone to operate safely and efficiently , using the onboard power or of jetty .
CAVITCLEANER guarantees hulls always clean and allows navigation more comfortable and faster.
No more fouling !
CAVITCLEANER reduces friction the hull encrusted with significant benefits in the consumption of fuel.
CAVITCLEANER is also available with Easy Energy 380 three-fase power (7.5 kW) and Hot Road Diesel, powered by Yanmar Diesel (11 hp) .
CAVITCLEANER is a product entirely made in Italy.
CAVITCLEANER is environmentally friendly because it does not remove the antifouling paint but only the organogenic applied . For this reason it is the only type of cleaning underwater authorized by the Coast Guard .
CAVITCLEANER is a registered trademark of the MAC Division Limited.
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posted : November 25, 2013 Post subject: cavitcleaner
Marine Cleaning System

posted : November 25, 2013 Post subject: cavitcleaner

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