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Deep Wreck Project
posted : February 14, 2009 Post subject: Graf Zeppelin (Expedition to the only German WWII Aircraft Carrier)
Dear All,

Finally! We are preparing a scientific expedition to the Graf Zeppelin. As we are producing a documentary about the mysteries of this wreck with archeologists and historians we were able to obtain the permission to go there. Mid March 09 (around the 23rd is the start date of the first week to perform investigations and filming with Side Scan Sonars, divers, RoVs and a Uboat. We also are obliged to take seabed samples. On the 31st of March guest divers can join for one week onsite in all comfort on a 75 m dive vessel upon the return of the dive vessel to Gdynia Poland. This is not a dive safary but a serious undertaking with high priority to safety. As such we can only invite experienced Trimix divers. We also provide saftey divers with ENOS detection systems to reduce the risk of somebody getting lost..and also plan to illuminate part of the superstructure of the vessel. All Gases are available on board as well as a decompression chamber under the observation of DAN who also provide the remaining rescue chain to Europes most modern Hyperbaric centre. They also will conduct a study on accumulation of microbubbles during Trimix dives. The dive places are limited to 24 - 33 and will therefor be auctioned with a minimum entrance fee as the demand is great. If you are interested you can obtain more information at "Deep Wreck Project". All the best and may be see you in March.

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