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posted : September 9, 2004 Post subject: Malta read this first
attention TO TOURISTS GOING TO MALTA: If you like peace & quite do not go there !

Some tourists resorts in Malta, namely, Qawra and Bugibba, have adopted a go as you please attitude for certain enviornmental issues.

The city has over 100,000 inhabitants during summer, yet you hardly see any police roaming across the streets. Drunk british tourists are allowed to smash parked cars and disturb public peace all night till 0600. Wardens ignore private cars playing loud pop music and horns till the early hours of the morning. Cars crossing one way streets etc . Not to mention the improper allocations of noisty units like extractor fans, airconditioning units, construction equipment. How would you like to wake up at 0500in the morning with a crushing sound of waste disposal truck at the Bugibba Holiday Complex?
Entertainment noise is accepted as normal by the local mayor Mr. Paul Bugeja, ( a Nationalist party activist, now governing in Malta)the police inspector (who is refusing to give his name). This is because he ownes a bar called Caesers at Bugibba square, and the local police inspector allows him to hold street disco's every night till tyhe small hours of the morning. Next to Caesurs, is the disco bar The Miracles, the owner of which is a close buisness friend of the mayor, and is also allowed by the local police to hold daily discos at the square. Before booking your hotel or flat check, because you will regret it.
Othe bars/restaurant/nightclubs given permission to hold these street disco's are:

PG Bar Restaurant
Sea View
Miss Molly
Bugibba Holday Complex
Wise Guy
Next Time
Whiskey Blue
Crystal Inn Piano Bar
Angelo's 2#
Hotel Santana
Qawra Palace Hotel
Hotel Suncrest
Red Rum Pub
These are just a few
Almost every bar and in some cases stationery, toyshops clothing shops etc.
Pubs are allowed open till 0600 in the morning.
Most of the entertainment places have no formal permission to operate, and worst still are using public land and pavment to operate. Here lies our Prime Minister's summer residence !!!!!!!!!!!

copies sent to Enviornmental NGO's
Anti Entertainment noise (Anti Musak) organisations
Enviornmental tourism organisations and
booking offices in UK & Germany and worldwide

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