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posted : March 17, 2007 Post subject: SONY MPK VX 1

Ive been scanning the internet for a small change in the cicuitboard for a Sony MPK VX1 powerknob.
To fit digital videocams.

I found some topics a bout just this problem, but no reply from Jacques in The Netherlands

Can anyone please help

posted : July 2, 2007 Post subject: SONY MPK VX 1
I've got the following information from Jacques, (so he should get the credit):
you have to replace (attention, soldering skills required or better go to a Radio Shack to have it done!) the ELCO C003 ( on my board it reads C03) with a condensator of standard value 22 uF. The C003 is placed almost of the centre of the central PCB (biggest black plastic cover inside where all the leads come from). That's all.
With the TRV series digital camcorders (TRV110-120 and so on) the manual/auto focus switch won't work, as on camera the switch is mechanical, not electronical. Also the external red REC LED won't function, don't know how to get that one working.
Just have had my PCB modified and it works! (TRV120E, a rather older Digital8 cam, but still fine.)
Greetings, Vincent.

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