NEW EQUIPMENT: Is the Future of Semi Closed Rebreather Diving Here?

Do you imagine a dive where you can get extended bottom times without the clutter of multiple cylinders?

Do you dream of virtually silent diving allowing you to get close to aquatic wildlife?

Do you believe this is possible?

Well, it is now… Abyss (UK) Diving Ltd is pleased to introduce the Submatix 100ST Semi Closed Rebreather (SCR).

Primarily aimed at the recreational market, and in line with other SCR’s, the CE approved Submatix 100ST is designed for use up to a maximum depth of 40m with no decompression.

Key Features:

  • Extended bottom time
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to use
  • Simple and quick to set up
  • Cheap and easy to maintain
  • Flexible and upgradeable

How does it work?

The compact and sleek unit uses 2 x 2litre cylinders to provide you with up to 2.5hours of dive time. When fully loaded with gas and scrubber material, the Submatix 100ST weighs only 15kg.

The fully mechanical Submatix requires very little set up time and has very few parts to fail. The unit is what is known as a Constant Mass Flow Semi Closed Rebreather. This means that it uses a carefully manufactured flow reducer to accurately deliver gas at a predetermined flow rate regardless of depth.

This simple device means that gas planning couldn’t be easier allowing you to plan your dive time with ultimate precision.

Various flow reducers are available offering the user ultimate flexibility of depth and the gas used.

The gas used in the Submatix is premixed Nitrox. The 2 x 2litre cylinders are filled with nitrox of a predetermined mix suitable for the dive. This gas is then delivered at just the right rate to enable you to dive for extended periods without the risk of receiving too much or too little oxygen.

This is achieved by taking the exhaled air from the diver and passing it though the scrubber filled with a granular carbon dioxide absorbent material that removes the carbon dioxide. This ‘cleansed’ air then has nitrox added before being inhaled by the diver.

Not only is this a very efficient use of gas but the carbon dioxide absorbtion process actually produces heat and moisture meaning that the gas you breath in is warm and moist – a far cry from the dry cold air that open circuit divers are used to.

This mechanical process does not rely on computers or manual intervention – simply set the unit up before you enter the water and then enjoy your diving. Basic monitoring of cylinder pressure throughout the dive is all that is required – no different to diving open circuit.

Is the unit right for me?
If the diving you do is within 40m and generally does not require decompression then the Submatix could be the perfect way to extend your dive times or reduce the equipment carried. Semi Closed rebreathers can be up to 5x more efficient to use than open circuit.

Example – A diver diving a single 12ltr cylinder to 30m using air, with a breathing rate of 20lpm.

Allowing for a 50bar reserve – a dive time of 27mins would be achieved.

The same dive on the Submatix 100ST using 40% Nitrox would give the user a total dive time available of 64mins (allowing a 9.4lpm flow)

To achieve the same dive time on Open Circuit would require a set of twin 15ltr cylinders weighing around 35kgs!

More than double the weight and size of the Submatix 100ST.

What training do I need?
As the unit uses Nitrox, a Nitrox qualification is a basic minimum. Prerequisites will vary with each training agency.
Currently the following agencies offer training on the Submatix 100ST

TDI – Technical Diving International
IART – International Association of Rebreather Trainers
RAB – Rebreather Advisory Board
PSAi – Professional Scuba Association International

All courses are recognised by BSAC and SAA so the unit is suitable for branch diving activities. A unit cannot be purchased without appropriate and approved training from a recognised training agency.

Call the Abyss (UK) Diving Ltd offices for details of courses and to find your local instructor.

What’s new with the Submatix?
The use of semi closed rebreathers even outdates open circuit SCUBA. The principles have remained unchanged, however the technology has moved forward immensely.

The Submatix 100ST features many patented parts and research and development continues. The unit itself is upgradeable to develop with your experience. Call the Abyss (UK) Diving Ltd office for full details or speak with your instructor as to how the unit can be upgraded.

Core to the Submatix development has been efficiency and ease of use in a compact user friendly unit.
Here are just some of the unique features of the Submatix 100ST.

a) Easy to use mouthpiece. Safe rebreather diving requires the ability to quickly and easily isolate the breathing loop by shutting the mouthpiece. The Submatix can be shut with one hand, other units require both hands to be used.

b) Pro-Con connectors. Simple in operation, the Patented connectors allow the hoses to be connected/ disconnected in seconds. Colour coded to ensure correct gas flow routing.

c) Clear Coaxial breathing bags. The ‘bag inside a bag’ design assists the breathing effort and reduces the breathing resistance making it a pleasant unit to dive. Clear material makes contamination or damage easy to spot.

Clear scrubber canister. Easy to spot contamination. Also easy to make sure that the scrubber has been packed correctly with no channelling of absorbent.

e) Unit supplied with two flow valves – you specify when ordering. Sizes available are 32%, 40%, 50%, 60% and 80% giving you flow rates from 14.2lpm – 3.3lpm respectively. All are colour coded for easy selection.

f) Low profile Over Pressure Valve – near the centre of gravity so doesn’t off gas unnecessarily thereby saving gas.

g) Unit supplied with open circuit bale out regulator.

h) Supplied with either a weight integrated harness and buoyancy cell or wing and harness configuration.

Real Time PPO2 Monitoring with the OxyScan

Safe rebreather diving relies on knowing what you are breathing. With Semi Closed Rebreathers this is achieved by using a PPO2 monitor placed in the inhale side of the breathing loop. The O2 cell reads the PPO2 of the gas in the bag and displays a clear reading on a digital display.
The O2 cell is housed in an industry standard cell holder so will fit all other makes of rebreather.

  • 24mths life span on O2 cell
  • 300 hrs battery life
  • Impervious to HF interference
  • User calibrated
  • User changeable battery and O2 cell
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