Sea Marshall® PLB8-LD ‘SOS’ (miniature Lost Diver Personal Locator Beacon)

Imagine surfacing from your Dive only to discover that the diver boat has left without you…!! Every Divers nightmare…!!! Imagine if you got into difficulty during a dive and needed to attract the attention of the dive boat but it is too far away…how would you do this…???

Miniature Lost Diver Personal Locator Beaco
Miniature Lost Diver Personal Locator Beaco
Protect yourself with the latest Sea Marshall® lost Diver ‘SOS’ Alerting Unit (Oil-Filled Lost Diver Personal Locator Beacon).The PLB8-LD ‘SOS’ unit can be easily carried in a pocket or pouch (pouch available) during a dive.

In the event you become separated from the diver boat, switch on your Alerting Unit and after a 15 second delay it will transmit an ‘SOS’ (Radio & Light) Distress Homing signal on 121.5 MHz (the Internationally recognised SAR homing frequency).

This homing signal can be picked up & tracked by a Base Unit on the boat, the SARfinder® 1003 Base Unit with Locating Function, or if extra help is needed it can be tracked by local SAR authorities.

Either way you know that you can be found!

Q. Why use 121.5 MHz ?

A. 121.5 MHz is the Internationally Agreed Search And Rescue Homing Frequency which means that all Search And Rescue vessels worldwide will have the ability to track this signal on their standard Radio Direction Finding equipment.

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