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Products available late 2002 or early 2003

SLR Type Housing

For CANON D30 / D60 For NIKON D100



  • Front Case: ABS Resin / Rear Case :Polycarbonate
    Grip & Stay : Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum
  • Weight: 5.5kg
  • Maximum Depth: 60m
  • Strobe Connector: One Bulkhead Available


  • NX-Ports are all available with this housing !!
  • Most of existing gears can be used !!
  • Shutter Activated Focus Light is available !!
  • Strobe bulkhead equipped for the use of Sea & Sea Strobes.


  • Sea & Sea strobes
  • LX-25/55 Light
  • Sea Arm VI / Flexible Light Arm
  • Shutter Activated Focus Light

** Specifications are subject to change without notice.


1. Housing for Sony TRV-950

Video Camera Specification :

  • 1/4.7" 1.07Mega Pixels 3 CCD
  • 14 Bit DXP
  • Advanced HAD Technology
  • X12 Optical Zoom / X150 Digital Zoom
  • Memory Stick, Bluetooth Available

Housing Specification:

  • Controls : Power on/off, record/zoom/photo, Autofocus on/off, manual focus, iris gain, white balance, shutter speed, program AE, color correcting flip filter, eye-piece shutter open/close(Viewfinder Type), LCD monitor on/off(LCD Monitor Type)
  • Front Case : ABS Resin / Rear Case : Polycarbonate 0.2-0.5m(Macro)


  • The 0.5x Multi-Coated Super-Wide Conversion Lens expands the angle of view of the camcorder’s x12 optical/x150 digital zoom lens.
    It is multi-coated for professionally-sharp reproduction without image aberration.
  • Internally mounted color correcting flip filter is accessed via filter ON/OFF switch, enabling you to flip it into position or retract it quickly and easily.
  • Simple rotary locking latches make opening and closing the housing quickly and easy.
  • Quality amphibious microphone provides realistic sound recording.
  • Equipped with three accessory bulkhead connectors.


  • x0.35 Super Wide Conversion Lens
  • BLX-55 Light System / LX-25/ LX-55 / Flexible Light Arm

** Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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