Products from IST
M-33 Allegro
Colours: B, BK
M-67 Presto
Colours: CB, CBK, NY, CGN
Colours: BK
Quick release buckle
Mask Box

F2 Talaria
Sizes: M, L, XL

•Using patented split fins technology, these fins deliver a lot more forward moving power with lot less kicking effort and very little drag. Built with best material available and fine- tuned to the most ideal hardness, this 3rd generation split fins provides best effort/thrust ratio. Like a pair of underwater wings, the fins allow divers unrivaled freedom of movement.

GP300 Depth & Pressure Gauge
GP100 3 Console Gauge
GP13 Wrist Compass
GP200 2 Console Gauge
• Handy mini gauge encased in a durable rubber boot
• Luminous dial faces
• Compass has side window for level reading.
• Compass with two magnets, which enhance the ability to differentiate directions.

B.C Knife



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