Maximus® Regulator Recall Subject: MAXIMUS® REGULATOR BULLETIN #SRB56-01

Special Replacement of Part #29-5602-12 Second Stage Orifice Used on SRB5600, SRB5600D2 and SRB5600CE Maximus® Regulators
Dear Maximus Regulator Owner:

Sherwood has received reports of cracked, bent and broken second stage orifices of SRB5600, SRB5600D2 and SRB5600CE Maximus® Regulators with the following serial numbers:
SRB5600 - K600001 through K611834 SRB5600CE
EK60001 through EK62000 SRB5600D2
DK60000 through DK62000

A broken second stage orifice can cause a loss of manual adjustment of the second stage regulator, a "free flow" and possible loss of breathing air requiring immediate ascent.

Your authorized Sherwood dealer will replace the second stage orifice at no charge to you. Do NOT use your regulator until an authorized technician has replaced the second stage orifice.

This bulletin only applies to the SRB5600, SRB5600D2 and SRB5600CE series Maximus® Regulators with the serial numbers listed above. The Serial Number is located on the top of the second stage case, next to the mouthpiece.

This program has been reported to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission who will monitor its effectiveness.
For customers in the UK, if you have any questions about this bulletin, contact Sea & Sea Dive Team Ltd on 01803 663012 and refer to this bulletin. For information about the location of the nearest dealer ring Sea & Sea Dive Team Ltd on 01803 663012 and refer to bulletin #SRB56-01
Thank you, Sherwood Scuba,


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