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NEW TO THE UK – Available exclusively from Abyss UK Diving Ltd – Gravity Zero dive products bring innovation and quality to the discerning British diver. All products are fully CE certified.The range includes:
CNX Ranger

CNX Ranger Drysuit

Features 2.00 Hyper-Compressed neoprene with heavy-duty nylon laminate outer covering for durability. Kevlar knee pads, Intruder hard sole boots and a side pocket are included in the package.

The suit comes with Si-Tech inlet and dump valves, 3mm neoprene neck seal and latex wrist seals. All seams are stitched, glued and internally sealed and covered under a limited lifetime warranty.

Optional reflective patches, extra pockets and dry glove kits are also available.

Intruder Boot

Intruder Boots and Pockets -

Intruder Boot

Intruder Boot is specially designed footwear for diving operations. Made from hardwearing Cordura offering durability and support when carrying heavy twinsets.


Velcro and Zipped Pockets

Velcro and Zipped Pockets

A perfect complement for your drysuit or can be used on your harness waistband. Constructed from durable Cordura and also self draining.

GZero Wings
GZero Wings
GZero Wings

Gravity Zero Wing Systems -

GZero Wings are the first wings designed specifically for European (e.g. Faber) double cylinders. They have the lift capacity of 55 lbs or 70lbs (according to CE EN1809). They are designed for use with 10ltr - 12ltr or 15ltr twinset together with aluminium deco cylinders and all associated equipment needed to carry out a dive safely (reels, torches etc). The special "Bungee" system is designed to reduce bladder shape. Each system comes supplied with wing, backplate, harness, waistband pocket and all stainless steel fittings as required.

a) Inflate/deflate hose is in the middle of the wing. This allows either left or right routing PLUS when in the water, it is always at the highest point for perfect air control.
b) Grommets at the top of each wing allow air trapped between the inner and outer shell to vent.
c) Reinforced material around the dump valve for durability.
d) Heavy duty mesh at the bottom of each wing allows water to drain after each dive
e) Our unique backplate design is flat – keeping the cylinders as close as possible to the diver. Also extremely lightweight and perfect for travel.
f) Standard one piece harness or quick release available.
g) Wing fits all backplate types.

Contact details:

Abyss (UK) Diving Ltd
01403 267079

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