New Product - SEA and SEA Introduce the new DX - 8000G Camera and Housing

Faster, clearer images, more functions: this state-of-the-art underwater digital camera system takes you to the next level of underwater digital photography.

SEA & SEA introduces the DX-8000G housing and 8000G digital camera with 8.24 million pixels of resolution and a wide-angle-to-telephoto zoom lens to capture crystal-clear images.

The DX-8000G housing and 8000G digital camera is sold as a set, listed as product # 06520,price TBD, release date June 20th. The DX-8000G housing works with both the SEA&SEA 8000G camera and its predecessor, the 5000G.

8000G camera dimensions: 58.0 mm high x 113.6 mm wide x 29.0 mm deep (2.3 in. x 4.5 in. x 1.1 in.); weight: approx. 205 g (7.23 oz.)

DX-8000G housing dimensions: 94.9 mm high x 150 mm wide x 103 mm deep (3.7 in. x 5.9 in. x 4.1 in.); Weight: approx. 450 g (15.9 oz.) * Including hand strapBody material: polycarbonateDepth rating: 55 m (182 ft.)Accessories: hand strap, silicone grease, silica gel, and O-ring remover

Underwater cameras have evolved from a luxury item owned by only a few divers to a standard piece of equipment carried by divers around the world. The DX-8000G/8000G housing and digital camera set brings the best in underwater photography to these divers so they can capture and share their joy in diving.

SEA & SEA designed the DX-8000G housing and 8000G camera with the diving photographerfs comfort in mind. Wefve gone beyond better specifications to create an underwater imaging system that instantly responds to your creative urges. Its features include:

  1. A high-performance CCD with 8.24 million effective pixels, bringing high-resolution images to a compact digital camera. A versatile zoom lens that ranges from wide-angle 28 mm to telephoto 85 mm, providing the perfect framing for your underwater subjects.
  2. Improved shutter response, the fastest in its class. Shutter lag for a single press is a mere 0.10 seconds (*1). Time to activate the camera after power on is only 1.3 seconds (*2), and for continuous image capture, the interval between shutter releases remains constant at only 1.7 seconds until the memory fills up (*3). (This is true even for fine resolution.)* 1: Time measured from pressing the shutter button without focus lock to start of exposure. * 2: Time measured when the flash is turned off. * 3 Time measured when using a high-speed SD memory card with a transfer speed of 10 MB/sec or higher.
  3. A macro mode that allows a close focusing distance of 1 cm from the subject in wide-angle lens setting. The 8000G digital camera looks at object size and contrast to determine the focusing point in macro photography, and has better autofocus performance than conventional cameras. It also provides an gAF target shifth function that lets you move the focusing point on the screen to focus on off-center objects in the frame.
  4. High-quality moving picture capture on the 8000G digital camera. The camera saves moving images at 30 fps to an AVI file in memory; videos last as long as memory capacity allows. The camerafs digital zoom functions during video capture for zooms in and out. (*4)*4: Video capture requires a high-speed SD memory card with a transfer speed of 10 MB/sec or higher.
  5. A variety of manual settings that offer precision control of photography in any situation. The DX-8000G provides one-handed dial setting for aperture priority mode, manual exposure, white balance, and ISO sensitivity change. A simple gAdjusth button quickly sets exposure compensation, white balance, ISO change, and other settings without resorting to lengthy menu settings. And the gColor Depthh setting allows fine adjustments to chroma and contrast to match the demanding conditions of underwater lighting.
  6. Support for three types of power supply: a large-capacity rechargeable battery, AA batteries, or an AC adapter. The provided AA battery (conforming to the CIPA standard) provides power for approximately 80 pictures. And an optional AC adapter provides a constant source of power for use where AC power is available.

Number of effective pixels
8.24 million
5.13 million
Maximum still image resolution

3,264 x 2,448 pixels

2,592 x 1,944 pixels
Maximum moving image resolution, frame rate, and storage
320 x 240 pixels until memory is full (30 fps)
320 x 240 pixels for 80 sec. (15 fps)
Shutter speed
30 sec. to 1/2000 sec. (increment of 0.5 EV)- Increment of 1 EV for 1-sec. or longer shutter speeds.
30 sec. to 1/2000 sec. (increment of 1 EV)
Shortest shutter time lag
0.10 sec.
0.12 sec.
Built-in data memory
Built-in data memory 1 pre-flash.- To activate strobe pre-flash, set YS15AUTO, YS25AUTO, YS90AUTO, etc. to g2h or gPre-Emissionh.
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