NEW EQUIPMENT: Divepac scuba bottle holder

We have developed a new kind of scuba bottle holder that will make your transport and diving safer.

The Holder facilitates a safer and easier handling and transportation of the bottles (cylinders). The user/customer will immediately notice the safety and comfort in using the Holder:

· No more rolling around of bottles in the car or boat damaging the bottles or causing damage

· No more unloading of bottles on hard, rough or uneven surface

· The weight is only 260 g

The Holder is made of a tight plastic foam material with neoprene bottom in order to prevent the bottle from moving. This product and material is totally unique to the product.

The Holder is available in two different sizes – for 200 bar (203 mm diameter) and 300 bar (171 mm diameter). The Holder can stay on the bottle when you carry it adding NO extra weight !

It is not a problem to make Holders for others diameter of bottles/cylinders, but it will take some time (approximately 3-4 weeks) and the minimum order is 30 Holders but should you have a request please do not hesitate to ask and we will gladly see if we acan help.

There has been a lot of curiosity during the development and testing process, which shows there is a serious interest from the market. Divers who have already bought this product are all pleased and say although such a simple idea it is very effective.

It ii durable and we are sure that those that buy the DIVEPAC will be as pleased as we are.

Phone 01580 852192
Fax 01580 852333

Price £29.95 plus post and packing each


Trade enquires welcome

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