Free Downloadable upgrade for Sea & Sea 5000g to brighten underwater images
When capturing images underwater without additional artificial light, dim ambient light and a strong colour cast can make most subjects dark and difficult to see. Sea & Sea recommend using a video light or an external strobe to provide a strong natural light that fills in colours for images.

Many photographers prefer to shoot without an external strobe, though, and depend on the camera’s built-in strobe. Because the built-in strobe is often not strong enough for underwater illumination, resulting images can be too dark, something you’ll often see when trying macro or super-macro photography.

Sea & Sea now offers unique firmware (the logic that controls your camera’s operation) for your camera. This firmware has been specially developed to help capture truer colours and brighter images underwater. It increases the EV of the built-in strobe by +2.5 from the strobe’s reference value; this brightens the captured image.

To read detailed instructions for upgrading your camera’s firmware, click the link below. You can download the data from there to the camera medium (SD) you’re using, and can then reset the 5000G.


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