A Tough Case
Lawson Wood lugged this new case more than 30,000 miles in six months, on and off planes and boats, in and out of water and now gives his verdict.

Unfortunately, many people only discover the true value of their precious photographic equipment after it gets lost, stolen or badly damaged during transit.

To minimise the risk you need a sturdy equipment case, one which will hold all of your precious equipment, be airtight and dustproof (including a pressurisation screw ), be waterproof ('o' ring sealed ) and have sufficient snap locks and enoughprovision for padlocks as possible to deter any opportunistic camera-grabber.

One of the latest camera cases to come on to the market - which has been dominated by the likes of Pelican -- is manufactured and produced by Doskocil in Texas. Marketed as the 'Seal-Tight Camera Guard', this equipment case incorporates a handle with 250lb strength, is completely dust- and water-tight and is virtually indestructible, with a lifetime guarantee.

The cases come in two sizes, large and extra-large, and have the option of either the pluck-and-pull foam interior or comingwith soft dividers. Colours are black, grey or orange. The large case has outer dimensions of 492mm x 362mm x 203mm and can be used as carry-on luggage on all international flights. The extra-large case is suited to making its journey in the hold and has external dimensions of 527mm x 419mm x 235mm.

Mine has been in and out of several aircraft holds, dunked in an oil slick off Tenby in South Wales, lugged on and off dive boats, dumped in the sand, and has logged more than 30,000 miles in the last six months. It even supported me when I fell into the sea!

I can honestly say that this case works. The only drawbacks are that the extra-large could really be a little larger; and the moulding in the outer sheath to hold the padlocks is quite large, necessitating padlocks which probably weigh as much as the case. I was able to pack two Subal underwater camera housings plus cameras, lenses and ports, two Nikonos cameras, two Sea & Sea flashes and various other lenses Ð all into one case. This did make the box very heavy on land, but it still floated. And most important of all it provided peace of mind that my equipment would arrive at whatever destination, by whatever means of transport, intact.When I first started out in underwater photography, I was told to invest at least 10% of the value of the equipment on protective cases. This is no longer the case.

The Doskosil Seal-Tight Camera Guard is imported and distributed by Sage Distribution, 9 Magnolia Road, Chiswick, London. W4 3QY. Tel/Fax 0181 995 5971.

The recommended retail prices (inc. VAT) are as follows :
Seal Tight Large Case, black or grey, £79:99
Seal Tight Large Case, black with dividers, £119:99
Seal Tight XL Case, black, grey or orange, £99:99
Seal Tight XL Case, black with dividers, £144:99

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