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New South Wales

I am the Publicity officer of the Ryde Underwater Club in Sydney. We are a private club not connected to any shop or commercial interest. We have in the past taken BSAC members on our boat; we own a 16' aluminum tub which takes 6 divers. We are not interested in teaching or any commercial activity as it jeapordises our good standing with the authorities. Any EXPERIENCED BSAC member with a valid 'C' card visiting Sydney is welcome to contact us if they are looking for dive buddies. John Chadd ...... Web site


The University of Queensland dive club called "Uni Dive" runs non-profit diving trips up and down the east coast of Australia. The club has around one hundred members operating two diveboats and has several sets of the latest SCUBA gear. We have an extensive training course schedule, as well as a social calendar. Once or twice a year trips are run to the Great Barrier Reef usually as camping trips to uninhabited coral cays in the pacific ocean about 100 kilometres off shore. Further information can be found via the
University of Queensland WWW
Phil Best

Kirra Dive Club has been going for five years. We have a week end away every month. A dive at least every second week, and a lot of fun. Our club is affiliated with Kirra Dive Centre but is run as a non-profit affair. Anyone coming to the Gold Coast can look us up, or just send me some email and I will give you a run down on the local diving. Our club has access to an eight passenger dive vessel and we welcome new divers to the area. In winter we are fortunate to see whales cruising by, and grey nurse sharks out at nine mile. In summer the turtles and leopard sharks abound. You couldn't come to the Gold Coast with out diving. Water temp is between 17°C & 27°C.
Kerrie Mercel,



S.C.U.B.A. (Scuba diving Conception - University of Brussels Association) Brussels based scuba diving club with a steady growth is offering a CMAS- FFESSM scuba diving training from beginner level to instructor level, regardless of the scuba background experience (PADI, FFESSM, FEBRAS, BSAC, NAUI, ...). The club is delivering a FFESSM certificate for all levels. Full package training (student-oriented prices) includes: theory classes and exams; training sessions in swimming-pool; all the equipment needed (tanks, regulators, B.C.s, masks, fins, snorkels, weight belts, wet suits).
Various scuba trips are organized on demand: Zeeland (The Netherlands), North Sea, lakes, Mediterranean sea, wreck dives, exploration. Feel free to join or visit us to enjoy an atmosphere bathed in student spirit and fraternity
John Beernaerts,
Avenue Brillat Savarin 101/1, B-1050 Brussels,
Tel. & Fax: 32-2-648 33 70, E-Mail:

NEMO-Diving Academy.
Rue de stalle 333
B.1180 Uccle (Brussels)-Belgium

WOLU PLONGEE CLUB is based in Brussels at the swimming pool Poseidon (Av des vaillants, 2 B-1200 Bruxelles). We train every thursday from 8pm till ..late. We are member of the frenchspeaking Belgian federation (member of CMAS). All you need to begin is mask, fins, snorkel and weight belt. Tanks, regulators and B.C.s are at disposition during trainings. We deliver LIFRAS (CMAS recognised) certificates (1, 2 or 3 star divers + training for the national examination of 1, 2 or 3 star instructors). After the the training, we discuss diving in a friendly atmosphere at the bar of the swimming pool. We dive every saturday and sunday in old stone quarries, in lakes or at sea (The wonderful diving sites of Zeeland are 1h30 away from Brussels). We also organize scuba trips in the Mediterranean sea, in Tenerife, or in the North sea. Feel free to join us or drink with us any thursday.
André April,
Avenue du Karreveld 95/10, B-1080 Brussels,


CMAS 3* 2* and 1* instructors.
Orka Lokeren VZW,
Postbus 28, B9160 Lokeren.
Hulpiau Eric,



The CFB Calgary Aquateers are a strong force in the Central Alberta diving community, located at Canadian Forces Base Calgary. We dive the altitude dives offered in the Canadian Rockie Mountains, the deep clear waters of Waterton national Park, shared by the provances of British Columbia, Alberta and the State of Montana to our south. We recognize all the major certification outlets, NAUI, PADI, ACUC, CMAS, BSAC. Our present instructor is NAUI and we are open to all members of the Alberta dive community. Our members travel the 1200 km's to the Pacific ocean several times a year, even car pooling to economize. Passing through Alberta ?
Call in Contact Wayne Williams
(Pres '95) at
or phone at (403)240-2132.

Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia Underwater Council - A volunteer organization that representing Nova Scotia sport divers. There are several clubs at least 9 in the province, and I will try to get more information to you. I am the newsletter editor if you have questions please reply. It will take a few weeks to get replies from the clubs via snail-mail.
John Webber

Seascape Atlantic is another group that can be contacted regarding diving in Nova Scotia and nova Scotia events.
John Webber


Ontario Underwater Explorers (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) - Club dives all over the province of Ontario, more weekends than not during the summer, and on roughly a monthly basis through the winter. Wreck, drift, deep, ice, night, and other types of diving. Pool night each Thursday (16' deep), and training is offered. Newcomers and visitors welcome.
Contact (home)
or (work).
Phone contact: Anthony DeBoer at (905) 508-4718.

Windsor Skin & Scuba Club, Inc. in Windsor Ontario Canada. We have about 40 members. In April, we clean up a bay in the Detroit River. On the weekend closest to July 1st (Canada's Birthday), we usually charter a boat in Kingston Ontario for some deep wreck diving. The wrecks are pristine, intact and very old. Visibility is about 30 to 40 feet. In the summer, the club will do charters on Lake Erie and go to flooded limestone quarries in Ohio, USA. We also take a trip to Tobermory, Ontario each summer. We will take a two day dive charter and do a "Dry Dive" in the hyperbaric chamber at the medical centre.
Mike Drexler,

Save Ontario Shipwrecks (Willowdale, Ontario) searches for, catalogues and surveys historically significant shipwrecks in the western basin of Lake Erie. Mike Drexler, (SOS Windsor chapter)

NDA, short for Niagara Divers Association. Currently have about 60 members from around the Niagara Region (Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada) Lake Ontario to the north, Niagara River to the east where we hold clubs dives every Tuesday night throughout the summer months, and Lake Erie to the south. We have one of the most ambitious dive schedules in Ontario. Just about every weekend from Mid-May to the end of September we're somewhere in the Southern Great Lakes: that's Huron, Erie, Ontario, including the St. Lawrence River. We cater to all levels of divers, and one of the very few that offer challenging diving to even the most advanced of divers. From Novice to Nitrox, we have something for everyone. In the spring we host our annual SHIPWRECKS festival, bringing together for everyone's enjoyment the best of the Great Lakes underwater photographers, researchers and film makers. Surrounded by water we have no choice but to be active. The NDA now has its own homepage, the plan is for it to contain updates of our club activities, and well as info and photos of local wrecks as done by our members, included are links to other Great Lakes Diving related sites.
Ann Raby,


Montreal: Association des Plongeurs Unis de Laval (A.P.U.L.), 1615A rue Bedard, Vimont Laval, Quebec, Canada. H7M 2L8 Phone : (514) 629-7311 Resp : Richard Nantais


SCUBA CYPRUS (BS-AC 1817). Meets: Scuba Cyprus Diving School, Kyrenia North Cyprus. Contact: The diving officer.
London office: 515A Kingsland Road,
London E8 4AU, tel:071 923 2085, fax:071 923 1597.
Cyprus office: PO Box 82 Alsancak Kyrenia,
Mersin 10 Turkey, tel:90-392 8218432, fax:90-392 8218075
Cemal Govsa,


We have two dive club in our town Lahti in Finland. UW Diving Team, Lahti Finland phone 358-18-7331180 and Divingclub Pinqvins, Lahti Finland.
Jarmo Räisänen,

Hong Kong

The YMCA SCUBA Club is a branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club (723). We meet every week on a Wednesday at 8pm. The meeting place is a bit changeable at present as we are looking for a new permanent site so contact one of the committee for the latest info. We have two fibreglass speedboats which will each take 6 divers. Dives are arranged most weeks weather permitting and we welcome any diver with valid qualifications. The club has about 20 sets of equipment for hire and training. We are open to new members either novice or experienced. Diving takes place both in Hong Kong and elsewhere.
Contact Keith Riches (Diving Officer)
or tel/fax (852) 2728 8834 or Andy King (Chairman) (852) 2719 3149.


Icelandic Sportdiving Club (SKFI), a club of approx 40 to 50 recreational divers. The club was established in 1982. We have our club house, compressor, regular meetings and we organize bi-weekly dive trips to various spots using chartered boats (on cost shared bases) or diving from shore. Most of us are NAUI certified but some hold CMAS, PADI or commercial certifications. Within the club there are two NAUI and one PADI instructors who offer dive courses. In addition to diving the club has been active in promoting the interest of Icelandic sportdivers in general by participating in work on new laws and regulations concerning sportdiving in Iceland and regulations for diving in Icelands national parks. We emphasize safety in diving and require our members to follow standards in training and equipment and to follow safe diving practices. We do most of our diving off the coast of Iceland or in inland freshwater canyons but during the last three years groups of members have made dive trips to Negril Jamaica in late winter. More info on our club can be found (in english also) on the clubs homepage
Georg Birgisson,


We're a big diving club in MILAN called AMICI DEL BLU (friends of blue). We organize diving course,underwater photography, baby diving and a lot of other things.
Tommaso Fioredda,


The "Club de Buceo Octopus" (Octopus Diving Club) is a dive club for recreational divers. Our activities includes courses, seminars, field trips, weekend dive trips as well as longer dive trips. We have qualified divemasters and instructors certified by IDEA (International Diver Education Association *USA*) and CIMAS (Corporacion de Instructores Mexicanos en Actividades Subacuaticas *Mexico*). We dive at cenotes, shipwrecks, lakes, open waters and also practice altitude dive, night dive, deep dive and more. If you are coming to Mexico, call us and we will be please to give you any information about the best diving places, reservations, costs, or anything else from Mexico. Dive in Mexico is not expensive...!
Mail to: Excelsior 185. Industrial, Mexico, D. F. 07800, Mexico.
Longino Jacome,


There more then 250 diving clubs in Holland, most of them gathered in the society called N.O.B. (stands for Nederlandse Onderwatersport Bond), which is at Nassaustraat 12,3583 XG Utrecht, Holland.


A Dutch scubadiving club with about 200 members.We have scuba divers from all levels and from different organisations, but most of them are PADI divers,but we say if you like scuba diving come and join the family. We are diving all over the Netherlands but mostly in Zeeland in the Grevelingen and in the Oosterschelde. We make holiday trips to the Caribbean and to Egypt. But also weekend trips to Germany and Luxembourg. Every two weeks we make a dive somewhere in the Netherlands. If you would like to dive with us you can e-mail us at, or take a look at our website.
Address :
Dubbeldamseweg 75
3314JC Dordrecht



N.V.v.O. Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Deventer, The Netherlands. We are a non-commercial diving club with about 70 members. We own a "club building" and a compressor in our home town. We dive mostly in former sand-winning-locations in the east of the Netherlands. In Bussloo, our "home water", we have build an "underwater park" with an underwater house, two city busses (complete with buss stop), a small wreck, a car and much more. We also dive in the North Sea, Oosterschelde, Grevelingen (an open and a closed sea-arm of the North Sea) and Kreidesee in Hemmoor (deep fresh water in the North of Germany). Sometimes we even organize a dive-trip to more exotic locations, like Spain and Egypt. We exists for almost 40 years now, still going strong. We are very proud to carry the name of the most famous man in the diving society, Commandant Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who personally gave us permission to use his name, under the strict conditions that we never would take part in underwater hunting and respect the underwater environment. If you seek for a buddy or a compressed air filling location, you may contact us; mostly we can arrange something.
2008, Jan Duisterwinkel (chairman), or


PALMARE - Our club has about 50 members and is called Palmare. We're diving mostly in in the south of Holland, Grevelingen - a closed part of the North Sea, and Oosterschelde - which is still part of the North Sea. For our fresh-water diving we're going to several small lakes in the neighbourhood. The wather of the Oosterschelde might be dark, but there is a lot to see! Guido Selling GSLG@CBS.NL


Duikteam Manta is a dive club with 100 members, founded 1957. We deliver CMAS certification for all levels, we have a education room and for practice tanks, regulators, stabjacks and a compressor. We have no commercial connection with any diveshop or commercial interest. Various scuba trips are organized: Zeeland (the Netherlands), wreck dives on the North sea, etc. When you are looking for a buddy in the Netherlands contact us:
email: Rene Lipmann Postadress: N.V.v.O Duikteam Manta, postbus 444, 1000 AK AMSTERDAM

New Zealand




DIVE CLUB 854 (BS-AC 854) Meets : Sunday, 0900 hrs at Jardine Steps, Singapore. Contact : Mr Philip Loh Seng Chong. Address : Blk 510, West Coast Drive, #09-319, Singapore 0512. Telephone : 65-775-7643. Beeper/pager : 602-2351 (local only). E-mail contact : Mr Tan Tsu Soo. E-mail address : (include phrase "To Tan Tsu Soo" in main body of e-mail.

South Africa

Cape Town

I am a committee member of the Atlantic Underwater Club (founded 1953). Briefly we are CMAS-affiliated: our star qualifications (SAUU) translate to those of CMAS. We teach BS-AC tables. Visitors are welcome on club dives: but we cannot provide gear unless you enrol in a course. Diving in the Cape is varied with water tempreture falling to 6 Celcius at 20 meters or so in summer. Winter diving is warmer as there are no "upwelling events" but conditions mat be rough: (winter rain and storm region). Attractions are historical wreaks from the time of Da Gama onwards, seals, great white sharks (in certain areas around xmas), cold water corals and sponges interspersed with the general pleasures of the Cape "the fairest cape" - Sir Walter Raleigh. Wine routes, scenery, etc. Guest membership is granted to all members of CMAS-affiliated clubs, such as BS-AC's. We have good facilities including boat, pool, hall, and pub. The pub is open every evening except monday. The telephone number is +27 21 439-0701. Email enquiries to me at (running client- server out of germany).



I am the diving officer of the BS-AC Geneva Branch, in Geneva Switzerland. We are a private club working in close relationship with a diving shop but being independent from him. We do recognize all CMAS affiliated federation and PADI divers. We do offer different types of courses such as BS-AC, PADI and FSSSM. Even though we are a small club we are very active in our area. Diving every week end and also during the week all year round. We do also organize diving expeditions to dive on wrecks in the Geneva lake, in mountain lakes, ice diving and trips to the Mediterranean sea or cruises in the Red Sea. We do hope to see you as you pass by Geneva. Francois Bernaschina,

United Kingdom

See the complete list of BS-AC branches, the SSAC page, the SAA page, the PADI clubs page and the list of Student branches

United States of America



My name is Dave Custer. I'm the newsletter editor of the Santa Clarita Dive Club. The city of Santa Clarita is located about 50 miles north of Los Angeles in California. Our Dive Club is sponsored by a sporting goods store called Sports Chalet. This store is very big in Southern California, maybe 20-25 outlets, most have dive clubs. I have names and addresses of many of the these clubs, plus I have a complete roster of dive club members of our club (75 members). You may list me as a contact for people looking for Sport Chalet dive clubs and/or buddies in Southern California.
My snail mail address is:
Dave Custer, 25335 Via Ramon,
Valencia, CA 91355. E-mail address is:

The California Wreck Divers, Inc., established in 1971, is an avid group of brass addicts that welcomes other rabid wreck diving ferrets, world-wide, to come dive with us if you ever get to Los Angeles, California. We run monthly trips to our various wreck sites on both commercial charter boats and private boats owned and operated by fellow members. For more information about our very unusual club,
please e-mail me: Frank Farmer,,
or fax me: 818-989-4027, or call me: 818-989-3662.
We are very keen wreck diving travelers, too, so if you or your club have some special wrecks to dive, let us know and we'll put a trip together. And finally, I'm a rep for Force Fins, the best diving fins ever invented. Please contact me for more information. Thanks and good diving!

active divers assoc
Miami FL USA
Address: 343s willow Miami FL

New Jersey

Planet Ocean Divers consists of approximately 60 members and is located in Deptford, New Jersey (south Jersey). The club meets every second Tuesday of the month at 8:00 PM. Diving is primarily ocean diving at depths ranging from 60 to 130 feet. The club boasts several certified dive masters, instructors and licensed boat captains. Novice divers are welcome to join and will receive assistance on club trips. Dues are $25.00 a year, and a $40.00 escrow is also required from diving members. The club contains a nice mix of men and women of all different ages and diving experience.
For additional information contact Bruce Smith, (215-597-6361).

We're an independent organization of World Wide and New Jersey Wreck Divers located in Princeton, NJ, USA. We've been around for more than 35 years, and currently have about 120 local members. Members range from new divers (any member MUST have at least a c-card) to very very experienced divers (Andrea Dorea, etc.) We have about half a dozen members who are also in the Explorers Club. Meetings are every second Thursday of the month at the Princeton Junction Fire House on Alexander Road in Princeton Junction, NJ from 8:00PM till about 10:30PM. Refreshments and beer are free to members. We begin with a short business meeting followed by a speaker. Dives are shceduled for members at cost, and we maintain two compressors using a cascade system. Air is free 24 hours per day to members. Membership is US $35.00 per year individual and $50.00 per year family (there are also other categories).
Mailing address: Princeton Scuba Club,
PO Box 613, Princeton Junction,
NJ 08550.
E-mail to Kendrick McMahan at

New York

NYC Sea Gypsies, New York, NY, USA. Meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7pm in the second floor dining room at J's Grill, on East 45th Street just east of 2nd Avenue in Manhattan. With over 100 members, the club is the only Manhattan-based general diving club. Members interests range from tropical only through Northeastern diving to cave and technical. The club sponsors local charters and an occasional party. Meetings always feature a speaker. Visitors are always welcome. Dues are $36 per annum. For further information, contact
Harry White at
or call 212 753 6603.

Wrackers is a Long Island, New York, based dive club. Founded in 1989. The club consists of and caters to wreck divers. Our Web page is on
our email is
We also maintain a Long Island Shipwreck page at
Mark Welzel, President, Wrackers Dive Club.

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