Airheads Dive Club

Airheads Dive Club was established in 2010 with the sole purpose of offering divers from Bath and the surrounding area the opportunity to dive. We are a mixed bag of divers ranging from newbies, warm water divers, tec heads, wreck divers, and photographers. The one thing we all have in common is the desire to dive and have fun. We welcome divers from all training agencies and have no room for politics in our club.

We offer members a wide range of activities including UK diving, holidays and a great social scene. All members are positively encouraged to have input into dive destinations and activities.

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Black Country Scuba

We are a recently amalgamated dive club consisting of both PADI and BSAC members our aim is simple just a bunch of people who get together to dive and have fun. Thats all no politics, no pressure just fun!
We are based in Halesowen in the west midlands but have members from around the country, we offer regular pool sessions every Wednesday night, regular social events and of course a well organised dive schedule.

For more information visit our website at
Stuart at
or Martin at

Tel:07905 187767

Cabot Divers Bristol

Cabot Divers Sub-Aqua Club is a small and friendly diving club based in Bristol where members pursue a range of diving interests.

Cabot Divers is an independent club and welcomes enquiries from divers certified to BSAC Sports Diver (or equivalent) and above.

At Cabot Divers, our diving philosophy is the provision of active, enjoyable and safe diving, with most of our diving being done in the UK.

If we sound like the type of club for you, we would be pleased to see you at weekly 'club night' which is held at The Merchant's Arms, Hotewells, Bristol on Wednesday nights at 9pm.

For more info on Cabot Divers, please visit our website at

Or email us on


Diving Dragons

Diving Dragons is a scuba diving club based in Cardiff Wales, which has been set up by amateur divers.

This will give other divers the opportunity to dive with like minded people with the goal to ensure safe diving for all.

Diving Dragons is not affiliated with any one diving oranisation, eg. PADI, BSAC, SAA; this allows divers to share knowledge and experience and above all dive together.

Diving Dragons meet every Thursday at 8:00pm at Howells School, Llandaff, Cardiff

For more information,
or alternatively


Dogsbreath Divers

We are a small friendly club and enjoy our diving and social events. We are mainly PADI trained with some SAA and IANTD so as long as you enjoy diving your training organisation doesn't matter. In practice, we are a group of friends that get together for diving and fun. There's no constitution or annual membership fees, and dive holiday costs are split equally on a non-profit basis.

We rent a pool at 8pm every Thursday evening in Birmingham. Our diving holidays over the last few years have included Scotland, Malta and Thailand so we'll dive anywhere we can afford!

For a little more information visit our website – – and click on 'about us'.

Alternatively, just email us at



DivingNuts is a NEW Midlands based dive club.

We dive all over the UK, in quarries every weekend and in the sea at every chance we get (all sea costs split between the group). We are still growing as a club and we are always looking for people to join.

There are no fee's or hidden cost, we just want to dive and have fun doing it.




East Kilbride Sub Aqua Club

East Kilbride Sub Aqua Club runs PADI, EFR, SAA and RYA courses for its members who come from across central Schotland.



Poole Divers

Poole Divers are an association affiliated to the Sub Aqua Association SAA-1055, Scuba Diving International (SDI-1001281) and Technical Diving International (TDI-1001281). We are a diving club for people who want to go diving in and around The Dorset Coast. We are a club run association so we are non-profit making. We are also Lebourg Divers which is a BSAC Virtual branch BSAC - 2411. We have members worldwide. Please contact us for details.



Tel: 07881 998641


Selby Aquanauts

Selby Aquanauts meet Bay Horse, Miclegate, Selby on Thursday evenings. Contact John on 01757 702487 and details about the club and our forthcoming trips can be found on my website


Surrey Scuba & Social Club

An exiting new project – primarily for experienced Scuba Divers and good Ski-ers that live in the Surrey area. Non-profit making club with no committees or politics. Run for the benefit of its members with the view to running dive trips in the UK and Abroad, Ski holidays to fantastic resorts such as Val D’Isere, camping and multi-activity weekends, and regular social events in Surrey.



Tamworth Toads Scuba Diving Club

To contact by email:
Tamworth Toads web address is:

We are a group of divers in the West Midlands who get together to dive in the UK. We are all AOW or above padi/saa/bsac.

Our local meeting place is Dosthill, Tamworth quarry. We dive all year round, in all quarries across the UK, but try and get in salt water first. If not then we use quarries.

We arrange dive trips to the coast at least once a month. We are not one of these clubs that just want your money and tell you where and when you can dive! All our dive trips are for a weekend; two dives a day on hard boats or ribb, and we split the costs between all of the divers so we all pay the same.

If you would like to meet the TOADS or dive with the TOADS then please drop a quick email to or check our website (see above). We will let you know where we will be diving and you are more than welcome (male or female) to come along to meet and dive with us, quarry or coast.

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