Buddy Board F.A.Q

How do I add a new message to the buddy board?

To add a new message click “New posting”. Complete the Subject, and Message fields. When you are happy with the message click Post New Thread. Please Login first

How do I reply to a message?

To reply to a message, click on the message title. Click Post Reply under the existing message, and complete Your Message. When you are happy with the reply, click Post Reply. Please Login first

Why do I have to register before posting?

Due to large amounts of spam and abusive postings to the buddyboard users are now required to register before posting a message. The registration process is quick and easy, and more importantly free. Click here to register now

How do I register?

To register simply complete the registration form; click here to goto form. When completing the form please pick a memorable password, this can be changed at anytime once the registration process is complete. Also pick a display name, if you don't want your real name to be displayed on messages you post, pick a display name to appear next to your messages instead.

When the form has been completed you will receive an email confirming your password and asking you to confirm the registration. Click on the link supplied in the email to activate your login and finish the registration process. You will now be able to use your login to begin posting messages

Why do I have to pick a display name?

Your display name will be used to identify the messages you post instead of your real name. If you don't want your real name to be posted on the website pick a display name that is different to your real name

How do I login?

Click on the login link. When on the login page enter your email address and password in the appropriate boxes and then hit enter. You will then be redirected to the buddy board.

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