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Number One on Google for Diving!

UK Diving is consistently listed as the number one diving website by Google, (even ahead of, reflecting both popularity of the site and the breadth of content.

UK Diving & Dive International Stats: 2006/2007  
Users 2.2 (million users pa)
Page views 10.2
(million page views pa)

Rate Card

Display – Fixed Position

Platinum (Homepage Dive International) 6 Month Year
Homepage Banner £1,000.00 £2,000.00
Homepage Side Frame Box Advert £175.00 £350.00
Homepage Button £125.00 £250.00
Gold (2nd Tier Dive International) 6 Month Year
Banner £600.00
Side Frame Box Advert £185.00
Button £150.00
Forum Sponsorship £800.00
Silver (3rd Tier Dive International) Year
Banner £300.00
Side Frame Box Advert £125.00
Button £75.00
Bronze (4th Tier Dive International) Year
Banner £75.00
Side Frame Box Advert £50.00
Button £50.00

Sponsorship Areas

Dive International 6 Month Year
Places 2 Dive Full Page Advert £100.00 £200.00
Places 2 Dive + Learn 2 Dive Banner £125.00 £250.00
Learn 2 Dive Banner N/A £50.00
Button Advert on Places 2 Dive Sub-domain N/A £150.00
World Liveaboards Full Page Advert N/A £150.00
Banner Sponsorship Places 2 Dive Homepage £500.00 £1000.00
Tour Operator Sponsorship 1-5 Areas £250.00 £500.00
Tour Operator Sponsorship 6 +Areas £500.00 £1000.00

Business Directory

Directory advertisements are available for a number of specialist areas including: Accommodation, Boat Operators, Compressor Centres, Dive Centres and Training, Dive Clubs, Dive Shops, Liveaboards, Manufacturers and Distributors, Photographic, Technical Training, Tourist Boards, Tour Operators.

Dive International Year
Text Only £60.00
Text + Photo/logo £85.00
Text + Photo/logo + hypertext link £100.00


Classified Small (trade) ads are available in the For Sale and Wanted pages plus Recruitment section.

Classified Dive International   Month
Text Only £10.00 £100.00
Text + Photo/logo £15.00 £180.00
Text + Photo/logo + hypertext link £20.00 £240.00

Sponsored E-mail List regularly e-mails registered users. These e-mail newsletters may be sponsored by advertisers

Dive International Per Issue
Sponsorship of E-Newsletter £200.00

Late Bookings – Special Offer Board

If you have late travel offers, send us the details for our special offers board. We cannot include URL’s but you can have your contact details. Space is limited and offers are placed on a first come, first served basis for a maximum period of 5 days. This service benefits from being heavily advertised throughout the site and is therefore well visited.

Bespoke Advertising can work with you to build a unique bespoke advertising program that is right for your business. Call for details.

Terms and conditions

Site Development, Maintenance and Marketing

Any changes required to advertisements supplied by clients will be quoted at commercial prices. We are also able to offer a full web site development and maintenance service, including hosting, domain registration, site development and e-commerce facilities. Details available on request

Payment Terms

New Advertisers are required to pay in advance and will be sent a pro-forma invoice on booking. Advertisers with credit accounts are required to pay within 15 days of invoice date. Invoices will be issued the day the advertisement appears. Payment is required in Sterling unless alternative arrangements are agreed.. Payment may be made by Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard) at no extra charge.

Terms of Business

Advertisements are accepted solely on the Terms of Business of Atlantis Mall Limited, copy available on request. Atlantis Mall Limited accepts no responsibility for the content of advertisements and advertisers are reminded to ensure that they comply with all legal requirements.

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